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STRM 500 Base HW Appliance

STRM 500 Base HW Appliance More details...
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STRM 500 Base HW Appliance
STRM 500 Base HW Appliance
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Product Details

STRM 500

Juniper's STRM 500 combines all the features and functionality of STRM in a secure hardware offering. It provides an all-in-one security solution that plugs right into a network, making it fast and easy to deploy. With its intuitive Web-based user interface, configuration is so simple that you can get a STRM 500 up and monitoring the network in minutes. STRM 500 is optimized hardware that does not require expensive external storage, third-party databases or ongoing database administration. These appliances are ideal for deployments in small, medium and large enterprises or departments that do not foresee the need to upgrade to higher events per second or flows/min capacities.

The integrated approach of STRM used in conjunction with unparalleled data collection, analysis, correlation and auditing capabilities, enables organizations to quickly and easily implement a corporate-wide security management program that delivers security best practices that include:

· Centralized command and control console – Integrated log management, security information and event management (SIEM), and network behavior analysis in a single console reduces security management solution acquisition costs and improves IT efficiency.

· Network, security, application & identity awareness – Converged management of network events, security events, network and application flow data, vulnerability data and identity information greatly improve the ability to meet IT security objectives

· Advanced threat and security incident detection – STRM's unique "offense" management significantly reduces false positives and detects threats that other security solutions miss.

· Compliance-driven reporting capabilities – STRM provides compliance-centric reporting that enables the delivery of IT best practices that support compliance initiatives.

· Scalable distributed log collection and archival – STRM's distributed appliance architecture scales to provide event and flow log management in any enterprise network