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Secure Access 4500 Base System

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Secure Access 4500 Base System
Secure Access 4500 Base System
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Product Details

Juniper Networks Secure Access 4500


The Juniper Networks Secure Access 4500 (SA 4500) SSL VPNs enable mid- to large-sized organizations to provide cost-effective remote and partner extranet access from any standard Web browser. Based on the award-winning IVE platform, the SA 4500 appliances feature rich access-privilege management functionality that can be used to create secure customer/partner extranets with no infrastructure changes, no DMZ deployments and no software agents.This functionality also allows the enterprise to secure access to the corporate intranet so that different employee and visitor populations can utilize exactly the resources they need while adhering to enterprise-security policies. Built-in compression for all traffic types speeds performance and SSL acceleration is available via a hardware module option for more demanding environments.

SA 4500: Enables mid-to-large size organizations to grow to as many as 1,000 concurrent users on a single system and offers the option to upgrade to hardware-based SSL acceleration for those that demand the most performance available under heavy load.

Key features and benefits of the Secure Access 4500 include:

· Enhanced security

· Access-privilege management for powerful, flexible authentication and authorization policies, with no software deployments

· Identity-driven access specified by user group and role, as well as by network, device and session attributes

· Endpoint client, device, data and server layered security controls

· Three different secure access methods to let enterprises provision by purpose

· Granular resource-based authorization

· Fine-grained auditing and logging

· Lower total cost of ownership

· No client-software deployments or changes to servers and virtually no ongoing maintenance

· Secure extranet access with no DMZ build-out, server hardening, resource duplication or incremental deployments to add applications or users

· High performance, scalable and manageable

· Central management option for unified administration

· Self-service features for enhanced user productivity and lower administrative overhead

· Role-based delegation of administrative tasks

· Cluster pair deployment option for high availability across the LAN and the WAN